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All-On-4 dentures attach to just four dental implants carefully placed in your jaw and can restore up to 95% of your chewing ability. At American Dental Clinic in San Diego, California, Emmanuel Aguilar, DMD, and his team specialize in restoring healthy smiles with All-On-4 and hybrid dentures. To learn more about the process and find out if you’re a candidate, call American Dental Clinic, or book a consultation online today.

All-On-4 Q&A

What is All-On-4?

All-On-4, also called a fixed dental implant bridge, is an excellent option for those missing most or all of their teeth in their upper or lower jaw. If disease or decay has caused you to lose many teeth, just four dental implants can support a denture that stays sturdy in its place. 

Even if you have some of your natural teeth in the upper or lower arch, you may choose to extract any remaining in the arch to accommodate All-On-4 dental implants. For this reason, you won’t need a dental implant for each missing tooth, which could compromise your jawbone’s health and stability. 

Before you undergo the treatment process for All-On-4, the team conducts an in-depth examination complete with 3D digital imaging. They assess your jawbone’s health and strength to make sure it can effectively hold four dental implants. 

Jawbone resorption is when your jawbone loses some of its mass because the roots of your teeth no longer support the bone. If you have any areas of jawbone resorption, they can help you plan a bone augmentation surgery to reinforce it. 

What’s the process for getting All-On-4?

The process for getting All-On-4 is very similar to the process of getting individual implants for dental crowns. At American Dental Clinic, the team performs the surgery and can have your dentures ready the very same day. 

Dental implants are like screws that your dentist fixes into your jawbone. The surgery is simple; they make incisions in your gums and screw the titanium implants into place. While it takes some time for your bone to fuse with each of the implants, you can safely wear your dentures right away. 

At American Dental Clinic, the team uses hybrid dentures to latch onto All-On-4 implants. Hybrid dentures contain a bar-like device connected to prosthetic teeth. They attach the bar to the implants permanently, so the restoration remains stable and is easy to clean. 

How should I care for my All-On-4 restoration?

Your hybrid denture attached to All-On-4 implants is remarkably easy to maintain. To keep the denture in great condition, you should:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss between the prosthetic teeth
  • Attend your regular cleanings and exams
  • Report broken dentures for repair or replacement right away

Unlike conventional dentures, you can’t remove a hybrid denture at will. This benefits you in many ways. You can maintain an oral hygiene routine that is relatively the same as before, and you don’t need to worry about excessive dietary restrictions. If your denture breaks, the team can repair or replace it for you in the office using the original design.

Missing multiple teeth doesn’t just cause difficulties with eating and speaking; it can significantly impact your self-image. Book your consultation for All-On-4 implants and fixed dentures at American Dental Clinic by calling the office or booking online today.