How to Care for Your Dental Implant

How to Care for Your Dental Implant

Millions of people have dental implants. Are all of them caring for their new smiles the way they should? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

But we’re here to change that. 

Our team of experts at the American Dental Clinic, led by Dr. Emmanuel Aguilar, takes a closer look at what it means to take care of a dental implant, so you can enjoy your smile for years and years to come. 

Keep up with cleaning

It might not be a real tooth, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need the same attention as a natural tooth. You still need to maintain a twice-daily brushing routine to keep your implant clean and in mint condition. 

Consider your tools

Though you still need to clean your implant the way you would a natural tooth, what you use to clean it may need to change. For instance, harsh chemicals in mouthwashes and strong flavors in toothpaste can irritate and compromise your implant. 

In addition to switching to a gentler mouthwash and toothpaste, opt for a soft toothbrush made of nylon to extend the life of your implant. 

Mind your form

It’s not enough to just scrub across the surface of your implant and walk away. Take care to brush around and under your implant for complete cleaning. 

Don’t forget to floss

Flossing twice daily is just as important as it was when you had a full set of natural teeth. But now you should use the unwaxed tape, which is designed specifically for the unique needs of an implant. 

Try an irrigator

An oral irrigator (you may know it as a water pick) is an effective way to help you easily and quickly remove any excess debris from around your dental implant. 

Pick up some good habits

One of the many advantages of dental implants is the ability to chew with freedom. But it’s imperative that you choose the foods you eat wisely. Avoid sticky and hard foods that could damage your teeth. 

Smoking and alcohol also pose a threat to your dental implant and can even slow the healing process immediately following your surgery. 

See your dentist regularly

Dr. Aguilar specializes in dental implants, and his expertise is critical if you want to support the lifespan of your dental implants. Scheduling and maintaining regular checkups allow him to monitor the health of your dental implant and your other teeth.

If you’d like more information about caring for your dental implant, don’t hesitate to click or call to schedule an appointment at our San Diego, California, office.

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