Start the New Year Right With a Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

You know that matchless feeling after you leave your dentist’s office with teeth that have been polished by a pro? You might not want to eat or drink for as long as possible so you can make that fresh, just-got-out-of-my-dental-cleaning feeling last as long as possible. 

The components of good oral care are all important, and include home care — brushing twice each day and flossing daily — as well as eating foods that are rich in calcium, fruits, and veggies, and steering clear of sticky, sugary foods and soft drinks.

Dr. Emmanuel Aguilar and his staff at American Dental Clinic not only treat dental issues with services like extractions, implants, and cosmetic dentistry; they also provide all-important routine dental care, which is the foundation of oral health. 

You can’t have a truly healthy mouth without regular monitoring of your oral health, and a thorough cleaning of your teeth by our competent and caring dental team achieves just that. 

Isn’t brushing and flossing enough to keep my mouth healthy?

We can’t emphasize enough how important your own consistent brushing and flossing habits are, but to realize optimum oral health and ensure total preventive care, you shouldn’t skip your visits to our office for deep cleaning at least twice yearly, depending on your situation.

What difference does a professional cleaning make?

A professional cleaning makes all the difference. We know our patients try their best to brush well twice daily and floss every day, but sometimes those things get skipped. We also know it’s not realistic to expect you never to enjoy things like coffee and red wine, which stain your teeth, and a salted caramel brownie here and there. 

Gooey sweet treats and even residue from perfectly healthy foods can transform into plaque if it’s not removed quickly enough at home. If more time elapses, these deposits turn into tartar, the agent that contributes to tooth decay and gum disease. 

Tartar can end up below and above your gum line and start you on the road to mild gum disease — gingivitis — or propel you all the way to periodontitis, or severe gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss, shifting, and other serious complications. 

The components of an in-office dental cleaning

There are several steps your hygienist takes to make sure you leave your appointment with that clean-as-a-whistle feeling:

In a way, this cleaning is like your daily care on steroids, with more powerful tools. Your hygienist painstakingly removes plaque and tartar buildup with a scaling tool, guided by a small mirror. 

Afterwards, we polish your teeth with a toothpaste that’s grittier than you’re probably used to, but it successfully gets any remaining spots of tartar off your now-pearly whites. Next, our deep flossing will identify any trouble spots or pockets for you to be mindful of when flossing at home.

The final step is preventive fluoride treatment, which can be administered as either foam that’s applied using a mouthpiece placed in your mouth for about a minute or a varnish that gets painted on your teeth. 

It’s easy to see now why you just can’t get your teeth this kind of clean at home. 

This is also the time when your dentist examines your teeth and mouth, looks for any issues or potential problems, and checks your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. You might also have X-rays taken. 

The link between professional dental cleanings and your overall health

It’s critical to remember that your mouth’s health greatly impacts your systemic health. If a person has advanced gum disease, that means bacterial infection is present. When bacteria enters your bloodstream, the risk for serious health complications like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease increases.

By doing all you can to preserve your oral health, you boost your body systems and the efficiency of their functioning. You’re in partnership with us here at the American Dental Clinic, and we’re dedicated to maintaining your oral health in every way. 

To set up that Happy New Year dental cleaning, schedule your appointment at American Dental Clinic today.

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